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Odoo is an integrated ERP software solution that, through a single platform, uses interconnected applications and modules to manage a company's processes. With Odoo, these processes can be controlled in real time and from anywhere. In addition, it is scalable, designed for both small and large companies, and able to adapt with you as your business grows.  
Odoo has more than 12M users worldwide and a presence in over 175 countries. Because of this, it requires a very robust structure to provide support and solutions for each country's needs. With dozens of modules, Odoo provides an unmatched service, centralizing any process a business may need in one software. This centralization of business management and adaptability are what make Odoo a program that works well in any given business environment around the world. In any case where a business may require even more support with digital management, there is a network of 5,200+ experienced and certified Odoo partners that can offer your company additional help with legal and tax issues, or any other unique needs you may have.  
In this blog, we will provide an overview of the modules that make up the application suite developed by Pragmatic, designed to be used in multiple countries.  

Additionally, we will showcase several of the innovative Odoo modules developed by our company to fill crucial gaps in the software's native capabilities. Odoo, while comprehensive, sometimes falls short in handling certain critical functions effectively. For instance, it lacks a straightforward method for manually registering currency exchange rates, which is vital for businesses managing international transactions with fluctuating exchange rates. Additionally, Odoo's standard configuration lacks features for tracking inventory valuation across multiple warehouses, a necessity for businesses with complex logistics operations. 

Furthermore, the default setup doesn't adequately support the proper accounting treatment of advances, which is essential for maintaining financial clarity and compliance. Our custom modules seamlessly integrate with Odoo to address these specific needs, empowering businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively manage these critical aspects of their operations. 

Application Suite Modules 
1. Complementary Accounting: This module allows you to determine when to apply withholdings on invoices, either in the total value, per line or monthly sum, according to your specific needs. You can configure key macroeconomic variable to inform calculations, ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance. In addition, you can easily generate the PDF print of all the accounting entries generated in Odoo. 
2. Advances: With our down payment module, you will be able to avoid rework by setting up the accounting accounts to be taken in each third party (customer - supplier) and generate the cross-checking accounting entry between the advance payment and the account payable or receivable created with Odoo.
3. Manual Exchange Rate: Enjoy the flexibility to choose between the exchange rate of the day, which Odoo automatically queries and saves, or register it manually when creating your documents. This feature is available for each active currency in your company and applies to documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, purchases, destination costs, and payments to customers and vendors. This allows you to manage your transactions accurately and adapt to market conditions, optimizing your daily operations.
4. Inventory Variable Trace: Gain full control over your products with a detailed inventory report that includes date, location, lot/serial number, quantity, and cost. This traceability provides you with an accurate view of all movements, ensuring efficient accounting management at Odoo. 
5. Exchange rate revaluation: This module allows the monthly generation of the revaluation accounting record for all documents that are registered in the Odoo system in foreign currency and that are in open status, calculating the exchange rate of the document VS the exchange rate at the end of the month and recording the difference in exchange between these two rates, additionally the system creates the reversal entry leaving these documents with the original exchange rate. This allows precise control of financial movements and makes accounting management in Odoo easier.
6. Customer credit quota: Improves the management of your commercial relationships with detailed control of the client portfolio based on two variables: The level of debt and the time in arrears. This functionality allows you to make informed decisions about when to block sales orders or inventory deliveries to specific customers, ensuring more effective financial management and reducing credit risks.
7. Complementary Accounting:  Parameterize at what time of the month to apply invoice withholdings according to the total amount, this action can be generated by invoice, by invoice line, or by total invoices per month. Additionally, you can print the accounting entries in PDF.

Benefits of Using Local Modules for Odoo 

Below, we will name some of the benefits of using our modules, designed specifically for Odoo, and why they offer an efficient and customized solution for your company. 

1. Solution Development: Have the support of a solid solution development team made up of more than 23 people within 11 small teams, if you want to know more about our solution developers, we invite you to read our blog​ "The strategic value of Software Development for your company".
2- Experience that supports you: With over 24 years of experience in developing software solutions for companies, we are committed to providing quality results that solve the unique challenges of each company.
3. Constant improvements: Modules are frequently updated and improved to provide you with the best, up-to-date support.
4. Help whenever you need it: Access support to solve any incident in your processes.
5. Interconnected Modules: All modules are designed to work together within Odoo.
6. Efficient processes: Save time and resources with the functionalities of our suite of applications.

In short, Odoo and the application suite developed by Pragmatic offer a comprehensive and customized solution that optimizes business processes, thus improving operational efficiency.   

With Pragmatic as a leading Gold Partner in Colombia and an official partner in the United States, not only do you have the support of experts who will help you maximize the potential of your business, but you will also acquire multiple benefits such as cost reduction and optimization of your processes. In addition, we guarantee support for any incident and integration of all modules with Odoo.

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