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Odoo is an ERP solution that integrates all your company's processes into a single software, centralizing and controlling information from all areas with updated data in real time and from anywhere.

If you want to know more about Odoo, we invite you to read our blog.  What is Odoo and why is it the right solution for your business?

Who is Pragmatic?

With Odoo, an open-source ERP Software, we make the digital transformation of companies possible, with the aim of helping them grow and become more efficient.

We have a presence in Colombia and the United States, today we are the #1 Odoo Gold Partner in Colombia and #48 in the world, among  3500 partners worldwide, with over 23 years in the software industry.


Over 23 years in the software industry


Over 150 Software - Odoo Clients in Colombia


Over 60 Software - Odoo Colaborators

We are  certified  in Odoo! This really  does make  a  difference!

Version 13

Version 14

Version 15 

Version 16 

Success Stories

El semillero - Agroforestry supplies

“A company with great experience, connoisseurs of odoo, develops according to the needs of the company. They are responsible and reliable.” 

- Mauricio Sierra

360 Worldwide Entertainment

“The implementation work was carried out in an orderly and responsible manner” 

- Diana Martinez 

CODITEQ - Coding and labeling solutions   

“Pragmatic is a reliable provider, they do what they say and what the client requests, success is a guarantee.”  

-  Paola Soto

 Clinica Raza - Dog & cat clinic

 “Pragmatic gives us the security of having an     experienced Odoo partner with enough support to   meet our needs”  

- Freddy Represtro

Karpov - Investments & real estate

“Experience in the market, timely support and a reliable company” 

- Katherin Minago 

Gildi Company - Eyewear

"Excellent service, professionalism and very good methodology in the development of projects"

- Luis Merchan

Services for your company

We are allied with you and Odoo!

Successful implementation of Odoo

We have a multidisciplinary group with a single goal:  Make your company grow with Odoo!  

Today we are the #1 Odoo Gold Partner in Colombia.

    150+ clients Odoo

    97% Retention rate

Personalization for your business

We have a team of professionals who adjust Odoo Enterprise to the needs of your business.

  Odoo Studio

   Software Development

We support you with Help Desk Service

It is very important to ensure a long-term relationship with our clients, for this reason, we have a team dedicated to solving your doubts, incidents and errors that you may have with your Odoo

      Functional Support

   Development Support

   Infraestructure Support


We have a multidisciplinary group to help you analyze and execute the upgrade between Odoo versions in a safe and professional way.

      Native Modules

   Third Party Modules

  Location Modules

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