Why Choose Pragmatic's Help Desk Service?
A strategic investment to foster growth and stability in your business

In today's dynamic business world, efficiency and agility are crucial elements for success. Implementing a solid business management system, such as Odoo, can make the difference between simply surviving and standing out in the market. Choosing the right software however, is just as important as having reliable backup to ensure a smooth operation. 

In this blog, we'll thoroughly explore why opting for help desk service with Pragmatic is a strategic investment for the growth and stability of your business. From agile problem solving to customizing solutions, you'll discover how our expert team can be your ideal partner on the journey to operational excellence. Not only will you save time and resources, but you'll also be able to unlock Odoo's full potential to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

If I have Odoo, why do I need an ally in my country?

 Odoo, as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, stands out for its comprehensive approach that covers several business areas on a single platform. From inventory management to accounting and human resources, Odoo offers a unified solution, enabling businesses to consolidate and simplify their operations. Its ability to boost efficiency and scalability provides businesses with the flexibility needed to grow sustainably. If you want to know more about the benefits of Odoo, you can read What is Odoo and why is it the right solution for your business? 

 It is essential to highlight that, due to its presence in various markets and industries worldwide, Odoo handles cases in order of registration and not by priority. Additionally, it does not have established response times.

Therefore, it is essential that the partner that provides the help desk service has the capacity, knowledge and is constantly updated about the current regulations of the country in which your company is located. Having an expert team not only ensures a successful implementation, but also provides ongoing support, ensuring that your business adapts to local regulations and fully benefits from Odoo's capabilities and constant updates, allowing you to focus on the growth and innovation of your business.

Pragmatic, an experienced partner

With a solid presence in Colombia and the United States, we are currently the #1 Odoo Gold Partner in Colombia, occupying an important position in the top 50 among nearly 5,200 allies worldwide, backed by over 24 years of experience in the software industry. With more than 126 successful implementations to date, at Pragmatic we are proud to be a benchmark in the Odoo ecosystem. 

Our commitment goes beyond the initial implementation; at the help desk, we have a strong, experienced, and dedicated team that ensures timely management for each client. We recognize the complexity of business operations and understand that efficiency and scalability are crucial elements of success. At Pragmatic, we not only provide solutions, but also offer ongoing accompaniment. 

Within our success stories, we find customers who carried out their implementation with us and others who joined our company in search of solutions for incidents from previous implementations. This diversity of experiences has allowed us to acquire the necessary knowledge to handle any situation that a client may face.

Our Help Desk Service

We have a dedicated help desk team, led by an expert leader in charge of supervising and ensuring the service functions optimally. It is backed by a group of consultants, infrastructure analysts, and developers. Our multidisciplinary structure is designed to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients. 

This specialized team has the experience and knowledge necessary to address various aspects, from Odoo's functionalities to infrastructure management, ensuring that your experience is efficient and tailored to the specific needs of your company.

"Our help desk service works through tickets, guaranteeing the traceability of each case, with established response times (SLA)."

In order to manage our customers' requests effectively, we use a comprehensive system of registration and control through the Help Desk Module in Odoo. Through this approach, customers can log support tickets that we manage internally, establishing a centralized communication channel. This registration system provides us with complete traceability of cases, allowing us to evaluate key factors such as average response times (ANS), relevant statistics, among other fundamental aspects to ensure efficient and personalized attention.


What is a ticket?

A ticket is the record of a request made by the customer when they need help or support to resolve doubts and incidents related to Odoo. 

Lifecycle of a ticket

Our ticket management process follows a carefully structured cycle to ensure you receive  efficient service. When a client registers a ticket, our team of analysts performs an initial validation, assigning it to the corresponding professional. All communication is made through the ticket to maintain traceability and avoid delays.

Once the incident is resolved, we request confirmation from the customer to close the ticket. We then send a satisfaction survey upon closing the ticket so that each customer can provide valuable feedback to improve our service.

Pragmatic support plans

We have designed different types of support plans, adapted to the particularities of each company. These plans seek to provide personalized solutions that not only adjust to current challenges, but also anticipate possible future obstacles, promoting long-term efficiency. In this context, you can choose between:

Finally, we want to recap some of the key reasons to choose our help desk service: 

• Unlimited Tickets:

No need to worry about using up time and enjoy unlimited access to resolve your concerns and incidents with Odoo Enterprise. With our service, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that we are here to help you with responses during more flexible and unlimited times. We are committed to providing you with the necessary support so that you can get the most out of your experience with Odoo Enterprise.

• Dedicated and Specialized Team:

In our company, we have groups of experts specialized in various areas to address a wide range of cases. The main objective of our technical support team is to provide comprehensive assistance to our customers. These professionals are trained to resolve any incident, doubt or error that may arise during implementation.

The presence of a dedicated technical support team in our company not only ensures faster resolution of issues but also helps raise customer satisfaction levels. This personalized and efficient attention is essential to maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our customer base.

With over 9535 cases taken care of to date, we are proud to state that each one of our team's professionals has received a superior rating of

4.5 out of 5.0 

These results are a testament to the excellence that characterizes 

our service!

• Support for Odoo Enterprise versions 13 and 14:

Although Odoo does not provide official support for versions 13 and 14, we are able to assure you that our help desk service is still available to handle any case related to these versions. Our team is committed to providing you with the necessary assistance to resolve any queries or issues you may face while working with these versions of Odoo. 

• Time Optimization:

Technical problems in your Odoo system can cause loss of time and resources. Our Help Desk is designed to reduce these problems, allowing you to focus on your business without interruptions. With our help, your operations will be efficient, no matter the technical challenges. 
All this is possible thanks to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), these are essential to guarantee efficient delivery of services. At Pragmatic, we manage defined times in the first incident response using ANS classified by urgency levels. This methodology allows us to offer faster responses than those obtained through the direct Odoo service, ensuring agile and effective attention for each case.

• Dynamic Table:

We have implemented business intelligence tools that allow for a better analysis to make more strategic decisions. We do this through a dynamic dashboard with indicators such as: Most representative month of consumption, closed ticket indicator, root causes of the most frequent incidents, and ticket stages. This approach allows you to take preventative measures and establish specific case management protocols.

Our service not only focuses on providing you with solutions, but also seeks to understand the root causes to avoid future incidents and contribute to the operational efficiency of our clients.

• Infrastructure Management:

Our contract includes the creation of test environments, installation of our own developments and review or restart of Odoo instances. These services are designed to ensure an optimal work environment and are fully included in the contract. You can rely on our ability to maintain the efficiency and stability of your systems, as well as our dedication to aligning with your specific needs.

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