Point of Sales (POS) for Businesses
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A point of sale or POS system is an essential investment for modern businesses. Having it helps improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce costs and make more informed decisions, which ultimately contributes to business success and growth.

In this blog, we will explain how the Odoo Point of Sale module can enhance the management of your business through its features and advantages.

What is Odoo Point of Sale?

Point of sale or POS, is an Odoo module that facilitates the management and processing of payments in your commercial establishment. Thanks to its integration with your dataphone, payments made by your clients are automatically recorded in your ERP, which speeds up the collection process and provides accurate information about the amounts entered into your business for accounting.

It is designed for retail and direct-to-customer sales environments, such as physical stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, among others. Being part of the Odoo application suite allows integration with other business applications, making it an attractive option for companies in various sectors.

Now that you know a little more about this module, let's talk about its features and functionalities.

Features and benefits of Odoo Point of Sale for Companies

This solution not only optimizes retail operations, but also drives highly effective inventory management and elevates the quality of customer service, all delivered on a single, integrated platform. Next, let's delve into the details that make Odoo Point of Sale an exceptional choice:

Intuitive User Interface

Its easy-to-use user interface allows employees to process transactions efficiently and quickly.

Online or Offline

The module does not stop working even if your connection fails. Although it is necessary to have an internet connection to start the Point of Sale, once you configure your stores it will continue to work even if the connection is lost.

Product Management

You can add and manage products in the system, including detailed information on prices, descriptions and stock.

Inventory Management  

Odoo Point of Sale allows you to track available inventory in real time and automatically adjust stock when sales are made.

Client Management 

This feature allows you to record customer information and track previous purchases, facilitating loyalty and targeted marketing.


Facilitates the creation of orders and the division and merging of invoices, allowing them to be managed quickly and easily, even for personalized or modified items.

Restaurant Management

Odoo's Restaurant feature allows you to quickly have an overview of your restaurant. The floor plan provides you with accurate information about the location of customers, as well as the availability of empty tables and occupied tables that are still waiting for their orders. Additionally, it allows you to transfer orders to different tables and view much space is left free. This functionality is fully customizable and optional.

Payment Management

Supports multiple payment methods, such as cash, credit and debit cards, checks, among others.

Integration with Hardware   

It can integrate with point-of-sale hardware such as receipt printers and cash drawers.

Reports and Analysis  

Provides detailed reports on sales and point-of-sale performance, making it easy to make informed decisions.

Integration with other Odoo Modules

  • Integration with the Inventory module, which allows the visualization of available quantities and their location in real time.

  • Integration with Accounting, which connects the point of sale closing process with the company's financial information, causing the correct allocation of income, costs and payments associated with the operation of the POS.

“Odoo point of sale requires no installation and is compatible with any hardware. Works on tablets, laptops, desktops and industrial machines”  

How do you successfully implement Odoo Point of Sale in your company? 

To ensure a successful implementation of Odoo Point of Sale in your company, it is essential to start with meticulous planning that establishes clear objectives, a realistic schedule and an adequate budget. Properly training your staff in using the solution is crucial, ensuring they fully understand its capabilities.

Additionally, customize Odoo to your business's specific needs and ensure data is entered accurately. During the process, do not forget that exhaustive testing, continuous monitoring and support from your trusted partner are fundamental pillars for long-term success. Listening to user feedback and keeping the system up to date with the latest updates and security patches complete the picture, ensuring effective implementation and continuous, efficient operation.

If you would like more detailed information on how to ensure a successful implementation, we invite you to explore our blog 6 Essential Keys to Ensure the Success of Your ERP Implementation

Success Case : Forma tu cuerpo - Textile Company

Pragmatic has implemented the Point of Sale module in numerous industries. An important success story is “Forma tu cuerpo”, a textile company dedicated to the production and marketing of post-surgical, orthopedic and control girdles that decided to implement the module in 2022. Currently, Forma Tu Cuerpo has more than 20 points of sales between Colombia and the United States.

This implementation brought with it a series of significant benefits for the company. Among them, a friendlier and faster user interface, which simplified the experience for both staff and customers. Additionally, the ability to offer a variety of payment methods became a key factor in increasing transaction flexibility.

The real-time inventory update made it possible to maintain precise control of stocks, avoiding situations like product depletion or excess. Returns became easier, improving customer satisfaction by making the process of refunding or exchanging products easier. On the other hand, the ability to have a single user with multiple cashiers improved management and security at the point of sale.

In conclusion, Odoo Point of Sale represents a comprehensive and versatile solution that can significantly boost the efficiency and success of your business. By considering its implementation, you are taking an important step towards modernization and competitiveness in the market. Key benefits such as customization capabilities, integration with other systems, real-time tracking, and improved decision-making can have a direct positive impact on your profitability and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we encourage you to further explore the possibilities offered by Odoo Point of Sale. Remember that choosing an experienced ally will increase the chances of success!

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