Differences between Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise
If you want to identify which is the best version for your company, this blog is for you!

While Odoo Community is an excellent choice for many companies, Odoo Enterprise may be the right choice for others. In this blog, we will assess the two options to identify the one that best suits your company.

What is Odoo Community and how Odoo Enterprise came to be?

Odoo Community is the free and open-source version of Odoo, which is collaboratively developed by a global community of developers and users. In this version, anyone can contribute to the code, report bugs, or add new functionalities to the software.

On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise was born in response to the demand from companies that need a more advanced and professionally supported enterprise management solution. It offers all the functionalities of the Community version, but with additional services such as guaranteed updates, technical support, and access to exclusive applications that we will see in detail later.

Now that you know a little about each, we will tell you more about the factors that differentiate them.


While both editions provide a complete set of basic business management applications, the Enterprise version includes some exclusive applications. It offers advanced functionalities for market niches and specific needs in the:


It is not available for the community version, meaning the accounting functionalities are exclusive to the Enterprise version.


Subscriptions, Rentals, Connect with Amazon, Coupons and promotions.  

Inventory and Manufacturing

Barcode, Product Lifecycle Management, Quality, Work Centers (MRP).

Human Resources

Departmental board, References, Assessments.


 Social marketing, Marketing campaign automation.


External service, Helpdesk, Planning, Appointments.


Approvals, Digital phone integration (Voice over IP, VoIP solutions), IoT.


Odoo Studio, which allows you to customize your Odoo without the need for development.

You can find a complete comparative list of applications on the official Odoo page / community / compare editions. if you want more information.


Odoo does not offer management for Odoo Community, so the most common option is management by a third party on a local server or on a dedicated server in the cloud. However, for Odoo Enterprise, you can choose from these options:

Odoo Enterprise Cloud (Odoo .SH)

It is a cloud hosting service of Odoo that offers high availability, security, scalability, automatic software updates, and regular backups. Additionally, it allows the installation of third-party applications, access to the backend, customization with Odoo Studio, and the possibility of integration with other platforms. The cost of this service varies depending on the number of users and information hosted in the ERP system.

Odoo Enterprise On-Premise

It is a hosting option that involves installing Odoo on a local or dedicated server in the cloud managed by a third party. It requires a more significant investment in hardware, configuration time, and instance maintenance.

Odoo Enterprise On-line

It is a cloud hosting service of Odoo for companies needing server management support. It offers high availability, backups, security, scalability, and more. It does not include the installation of third-party applications, access to the backend, customization with Odoo Studio, and the possibility of integration with other platforms. The cost of this service varies depending on the number of users and information hosted in the ERP system.

 Support and warranty

For customers who have purchased an Enterprise subscription, Odoo offers a technical support service, including email assistance and updates and security patches for the software. The warranty is permanent during the subscription period.


Odoo announces its new version annually, showcasing new features and added improvements. These regular updates include enhancements in functionality, error correction, and security patches.

 User Experience

In Odoo Enterprise, the user interface is designed to be attractive and easy to navigate. It can be customized to meet specific business needs and can be used on both mobile applications and desktop computers.

On the other hand, in Odoo Community, the user experience is less advanced than in Enterprise and may require more effort in terms of customization and configuration. This version only allows access to the software from a desktop computer.


Although the Community version is free, if your company doesn't have an expert team in Odoo programming, you'll need to hire services from an external provider. That's why we recommend not only considering costs but also analyzing each of the company's needs and evaluating which version of Odoo can provide the right solutions.


Odoo Enterprise is for you if...

Odoo Community is for you if...

You have a company that requires a scalable, customizable, and feature-rich software platform.
Your business is starting, and you don't need advanced features, just a free, open-source software platform.
You need to manage your business from a single platform.
You are willing to work your business with several platforms.
You need third-party integrations or custom applications to meet your specific business needs.
You don't need integrations with other business applications.
You need access to regular software updates and upgrades.
You don't need regular software updates and upgrades.
You need professional technical support and assistance.
You don't need technical support or professional service.
You are looking for a software solution that meets security and privacy standards.
You don't need to comply with security and privacy standards.

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