What is Odoo and why is it the right solution for your business?
If you are looking for a software that integrates all processes in real-time from anywhere, this blog is for you!

A company that is destined to grow is destined to look at how to integrate all its processes in a secure and optimized way. Odoo is designed to centralize and control information from all areas, with data updated in real-time from anywhere.

Odoo was born out of the challenge faced by all small businesses: trying to manage their processes well without a system suited to their needs. In 2002, Fabien Pinckaers decided to establish Tiny ERP as an alternative to help his father's company, which was facing the same problem. Later, Tiny ERP would become what we know today as Odoo.

But you are still wondering what Odoo is.

We could define it as an integrated open-source ERP, which uses from a single platform, interlinked applications for all the processes of a company. It features:

More than 8 million users
Companies from 1 User
Companies with more than 300,000 users
More than 3,500 partners around the world

Some of the companies working with this powerful software are IBM, Hyundai, Sodexo, Toyota, Danone, ABL (Advanced Biological Laboratories), Estradas de Portugal, Neotel D.O.O, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Methabook (World Wide Provider Distribution).

Now let's talk about its applications…

Odoo has a wide variety of modules/applications ready to respond to every business need. Once the subscription is purchased, the user has access to the entire suite of applications. Here are some of them:

Website Builder, E-Commerce, Blogs, Forum, E-Learning, Live Chat

CRM, Sales,/ Point of Sale, Subscriptions, Rental

Accounting, Invoicing, Expenses, Documents, Sign

 Inventory, Manufacturing, PLM, Purchase, Maintenance, Quality

Employees,Recruitment,Time Off,Appraisals,Referrals, Fleet

Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Marketing,Events, Surveys

Project,Timesheet, Field Service,Helpdesk, Planning, Appointments

Discuss,Approvals, VoIP, Knowledge

Thanks to the open-source community, Odoo has a large base of developers and partners that offer additional applications to complement and respond to your company's changing needs. Keep in mind that as they are external applications, they may have an additional cost.

What benefits does Odoo bring to my company?

  • Integrates processes: The automation of activities and unification of processes between areas allows you to save time and make decisions more quickly and safely. Concerning information, it provides updated and real-time access, allowing you to optimize the tracking and traceability of your company's products.

  • Flexible and adaptable: Odoo wants each experience to be fluid and easy to apply. An example of this is the possibility of adding applications depending on the growth of your company. Additionally, its constant updating guarantees the coverage of new processes.

  • Optimal prices: In terms of the cost/benefit ratio, it is a highly competitive system.

    with a single subscription, you can access a full range of applications

    without worrying about the absence of support or incompatibility with other systems in the long term. Because of this, the correction of failures is almost null, and if there are any, they analyze the case to provide you with the best solution.

What role does Pragmatic have within Odoo? 🤔

Odoo is a universal solution with 8M users worldwide and a presence in more than 175 countries. Of course, it requires a very robust structure to support and solve the needs of each country. In addition, there are requirements for each industry that in some cases may not be covered by Odoo. For this, there is a network of more than 4000 partners around the world with different levels of experience and certifications.

For a company to become an official partner, it must meet a series of requirements that allow it to be accredited in one of the 4 partnership levels established by Odoo:
Learning, Ready, Silver, and its highest level Gold

Pragmatic reached the Gold Partner level in Colombia several years ago, with more than 150 customers in LATAM and Europe. In 2021 it started operations in the United States to support more companies in the implementation of Odoo as the core business solution.

In conclusion...

In conclusion, if you are looking for software that integrates all processes 
in real-time from anywhere,  Odoo is for you.