Amazing companies need an amazing Odoo Partner
If you are thinking of implementing an ERP like Odoo, this blog is for you!

When implementing an ERP system in a company, it is essential to have a strategic partner that will accompany and support you throughout the process. A partner will not only help you to take action against the your company's specific needs but will also ensure a successful and smooth implementation.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of having a reliable partner in the Odoo Enterprise implementation process, the factors for the right choice, and benefits that can make the difference in the success of a project.

According to a research conducted by the firm Chou and Chang, 70% of the companies that fail to obtain the expected benefits from an ERP implementation are due to incorrect planning and methodology. An experienced partner will analyze the business and process flows to design a methodology that adapts to your company's present and future needs. They will also provide ongoing technical support and employee training, ensuring that your business can take full advantage of the capabilities of the new ERP system.

Before talking about the reasons and recommendations for choosing  a partner, you must know  that for a company to become an official Odoo Enterprise partner, it must meet a series of requirements that allow it to be accredited in one of the four levels of the partnership:

Now let's talk specifically about the reasons why you should choose a partner for your Odoo implementation.

As Odoo Enterprise is a software of intertwined applications, some incorrect configurations will  cause errors.  Therefore, it is essential to have the support of experts who know and implement your business processes correctly.

Likewise, when your company starts using Odoo in its daily operation, doubts or incidents may arise that cause reprocessing, incorrect decisions, or system failures. Hence the importance of having an ally that not only helps you correctly implement Odoo but also has a structured team of Help Desk experts that responds to the response levels your organization requires.

Last but not least, Odoo Enterprise is software that meets the requirements of hundreds of markets and industries globally. While it complies with most of the requirements of each country regarding their regulations, some aspects  Odoo might not cover . Of course, the accounting knowledge of your partner is extremely important to ensure that Odoo Enterprise has a correct parameterization because  accounting is the core of the system. 

Now that you know the reasons for choosing a good partner, we will give you some recommendations:

1.  Make sure it is an Official Odoo Enterprise Partner. You can verify this on the Odoo website / community / Find a partner.

2. Verify they have experience in Odoo Enterprise implementations in different industries. Ask for commercial references and, if possible, talk to their customers.

3. Investigate if they have certifications in the latest versions of Odoo. This can be verified with the same path as  step 1 (check the link that opens a new window).

 4. Check that it belongs to the same country as  your company. If not, confirm that they have accounting and regulatory knowledge. Also, they have solutions for all local requirements (country localization).

5. Make sure that the Partner has an organized and established work team that can meet all the requirements of the implementation and that can support your operation. Some areas  your partner should have are: Project Management, Consulting, Software Development, and Help Desk. In addition, a commercial advisor who can be permanently attentive to your needs.

A strategic partner is essential to ensure a successful and smooth implementation of an ERP system such as Odoo Enterprise. Companies can minimize risks and maximize long-term benefits by working with an experienced and reliable partner. Ultimately, choosing the right partner is a wise investment that can make all the difference in the success of a project. A good Odoo implementation will reduce errors and ensure a significant change in business activities and operations automation, allowing your business to use time and resources to develop the strategic process and progressively massify sales.

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